Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Blogging Break to Deal With Another Kind of Break

Well, at least my husband made it to the house blessing and pot luck that I wrote about in my last post.  As for me...well, I couldn't go because I broke my left femur on my way to a noon hour doctor's appointment and was in the hospital that night.  I am so glad I got the veggie dish made before I left so he could take it over.

Yeah....another fall, another broken bone. Sigh...this osteoporosis crap along with weak ankles and my stupidity in deciding to walk to the doctor's office without repatterning my brain for my autumn one to blame but myself and my own thoughtlessness.  I was starting out from home, walking too quickly as I was a bit late, then got myself distracted trying to see the name of the cab company whose taxi had just picked up a fare a couple of doors away from me.  As I was crossing our parking lot, staring at the taxi instead of the ground, I stepped on a small pebble, twisted my ankle and fell sideways so quickly there was no time to think about how to protect any part of me except my head. Thankfully that was at least successful! haha

Short version: sat up and realized I couldn't move my leg, the taxi driver saw me as he was pulling out and stopped to see why I was laying on the pavement. God bless him.  He ran to get my husband, who thankfully had the presence of mind to grab his cell phone on the way out of the house...although he went into deep shock so quickly upon finding me laying on the pavement that I actually had to tell him how to call for the ambulance.  "Uh, honey, that would be NINE-ONE-ONE......yes, it is an ambulance we need here....yes, our address is....TELL them our address dear so they can find me....teehee....."  I wish, O HOW I WISH I had a video of him freaking out.  Talk about funny.....but isn't it amazing he was having a rare day off from the office that same day???

The ambulance paramedics were great, they drove over the massive pot holes over the 6 block drive to the hospital with such care and compassion.  They and the emergency room staff filled me with blessed morphine (ooooh, but a bit more Gravol with it would have helped the old tummy a lot....ick....).  My dear husband sat down beside me and stayed with me until I eventually arrived in my room.

The surgery was the next day, very successful I am told and also I was so blessed to have one of the best hip surgeons in the city. Thanks to his discernment with the x-rays, he was able to avoid giving me a complete hip replacement! Is that a mercy or what, right??  I cried with relief when I came to in recovery and found that out....months and months in a rehab facility avoided.  Whew!!!  How grateful am I????

Interesting stay in hospital over a long weekend holiday and I will blog more about the hilarities of the stay there in a day or two.  I did receive good care, sufficiently and sometimes surprisingly good food and many visits, cards, flowers, food....ooh, it was lovely in that respect. Thanks to the discipline I had to learn about doing physio with the broken ankle previously, I aced that portion of the competition and got sent home only 4 days after the operation.

Now our townhouse is filled with medical equipment to make our lives and my recovery easier over the next few weeks.  How grateful I am to live in a country where such things are readily available.  When I know what people to through in far away countries with no such help available, how can I be angry that this happened?  Better me than someone who would either die from such an untreated injury, or at best suffer terribly for the rest of their lives.

So, a bit more inconvenience, a bit more waiting to find things to be involved in here in my new city, a bit more research to locate a new osteoporosis specialist and check out a brand new drug that may be of more help to me than the present one, appointments to make for post op checkups and staple removal.....for such a tiring and disorienting day it is going to be a busy one nonetheless.

Life is never boring is it?  The unexpected always rears its head at some point and creativity is called for to deal with it.  Good thing I occasionally enjoy a challenge.

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