Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All Swum Out For This Season!

What a wonderful day to end the summer for me!  By tomorrow the rain and cooler temps will be on the way, taking hold for the autumn.

BUT today, we party in the pool!  I spent 2 glorious hours floating, swimming, visiting, batting wasps and eating a wonderful summertime luncheon: fresh lemonade, sliced garden cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, red pepper hummus, "squeaky" cheese from Quebec and a handful of crackers for some carbs.  I have a purse filled with bags of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers for my husband and I to enjoy over the next couple of days. Thank you my friend for EVERYTHING!

And now, back to work:  I got the living room and entry way cleaned before I went, only the dining room and kitchen remain and I should have lots of time to clean those before it is time to make dinner.  My husband has another meeting this evening, so I need to have it ready on time.  

Tomorrow his evening meeting is actually a service of induction for a new priest at one of our churches, so I will be able to go along. They are such happy services, filled with joy and hope for the future of whatever parish is getting a new priest.


The hot sun is now hidden under a cloud least I think it is clouds...there is no smoky smell, but the super hotness of the afternoon has dissipated under this cloud cover.  Ahhhhh yes....I hear thunder in the far distance. Perhaps the rain is coming sooner than first predicted.  O my....I hope my husband has a chance to throw the rest of the cement sealer on the basement wall before it gets too wet outside....and in....once again!

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