Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And So It Begins Again

I got the upstairs cleaned today....only the upstairs and it took me hours and hours, BUT I did a great job.  Everything looks so fresh and new, closets and shelves are reorganized in 3 rooms.  It is all good and since I did manage to get the kitchen floor washed downstairs, that will be one less thing to do in the morning before I get an extra final swim in during the afternoon.  It is very hot today and is to be +33C tomorrow, so a perfect day to relax in the water for a couple of hours.  I feel good for having accomplished something today.

My husband returned to work with a vengeance.  It took him most of the morning to redo his entire fall calendar with all the new meetings and events that have come up since he left on holidays and must be done, like everything else in this job, immediately if not sooner.  Then he had 3 back to back meetings in the afternoon and is home a bit earlier than expected for dinner. Why is he home early?  Because he has a meeting tonight!

And so it begins once again.....the unexpected cutting into our personal plans and I am going to have to bite the bullet once again.  I am not complaining because I knew it would likely be this way.  The personal disappointments are minor in comparison to the greater good that is being done in the running of our diocese. I got spoiled having him here most of his holidays and being able to do whatever we wanted as we learn to enjoy the events available in our new city.  Now it is time for reality again, that's all.

Another unexpected social and spiritual event came up today for Friday evening: a pot luck dinner and house blessing at the new home of one of our dear priests.  She is a great woman, hilarious, practical and never in a hurry.  I love her!  It will be so much fun being there with all the office staff and their spouses.  AND best of all, my husband and I get to attend together.

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