Friday, September 4, 2015

Cooking Conundrum

Tonight is a house blessing and potluck dinner at the home of one of our priests.  I am supposed to fill in the gaps on the "menu" and bring a hot vegetable casserole and a non-sweet dessert.  

I have a refrigerator full of vegetables but I am not sure the best way to combine them, what herbs to use, maybe some kind of light sauce....just not sure. there any chance I am going to open my veggie crisper this morning and suddenly find my mind filled with amazing possibilities???

Then there is the dessert:  do I need to bake something diabetic friendly or should I "cheat" and cut up some Vector and Kind bars into little squares, place them on a nice plate with an assortment of nuts in the centre and call it good?  Since none of the other people in attendance there tonight eat those bars, (my wonderful husband did some sleuthing for me), perhaps they would go unrecognized???

It is a terrible thing to wake up at 5am with a staff potluck looming and not a creative thought in my head as to how to utilize what I have here to make something delicious for 13 people. I only have until 2pm at the latest to decide what to cook and get on with it.  I SHOULD be home from my doctor's appt. by then.  Maybe I better do some cooking this morning???

The day is complicated by the fact that I didn't realize my husband is not going into the office today but will do a bit of work from here at home.  It means I will want to work in making him lunch around my noon hour doctor's appointment and not just be concerned with taking care of myself for meals.  Not that he is demanding and is quite capable of making his own lunch quite happily...I just enjoy making his meals....he is the only wage earner here and so I like to spoil him a wee bit.

It is the Labour Day long weekend.  Other than tonight's social event and the birthday party brunch I am attending tomorrow, we have no special plans.  My husband has to get his sermon written for Sunday morning, but he will do that today so he can relax here at home tomorrow.  It is a holiday weekend when we do not enjoy being out on the highways. For many families it is the "last hurrah" for holidays before setting more calmly into the school and work routines this fall.  There is an extra level of frantic driving, stress and let down that summer is essentially ovr with.  It is not pleasant driving for us at such times.

Last night there was an excellent service of commissioning and installation for a new rector at one of our churches.  The man is from Ontario and I hope that neither our prairie winters nor attitudes destroy the poor fellow.  He is a lovely person and has an excellent reputation as a priest.  All the best Michael and don't let the differences in climate and attitude throw you for a loop.

I tried to enjoy the lovely snack provided by the church women last night, but something didn't work for me and that is probably a good thing.  I had a few strawberries and avoided the high sugar fruits.  The brownie looked so good so I nicked an end off one of the squares, tossed it into my mouth and bit down....o  my.  There was cinnamon added to the chocolate and for some reason it made me gag.  How completely embarrassing.  Here we all were standing around in the church foyer, enjoying the food and fellowship and I was horking up my snack into a large napkin.  Yikes....the taste in my mouth was so vile. I had another strawberry and that didn't help, so I cut a small end off a piece of lemon square.  O tasted to me like lemon slime and so back I went to horking it up into another napkin, trying to keep my back to everyone.  Do you know how difficult it is to gag quietly???? Yikes...see the Executive Archdeacon's Wife.  See the food.  See the napkin. See the Executive Archdeacon's wife gagging up the food into the napkin.  Sigh.....

There was nothing wrong with the food, it was just my body telling me it didn't want it and that just because it looked so good didn't mean I should be trying it, not even the barely mouthful size bits I tried.  I came home and had a little container of yogurt and that settled things down.  

Potlucks are nightmares for diabetics, so I am very glad to have to take a casserole tonight.  If all else fails I can eat what I brought and have the teensiest spoonfuls of a couple of other things.  Hopefully not all the salads will be slathered in dressing.  What I am looking forward to is spending the time with the other office members and spouses in a social setting for a change.  They truly are a great group and lots of fun.

Looking forward to my walk to the doctor's office as well.  Right now I am inventing more creative ways to exercise at home once the ice has covered the sidewalks and streets for the winter and I am prevented from walking outside.  Now that the road construction on the front street is done for this year my bus stop has been reinstated.  I am very happy about that.


Iowa Leah said...

I always bring to potlucks what I plan on eating! :) then I don't have to worry about food sensitivities and getting into things that I shouldn't have in my body.

And yes, cut up those little bars and bring them for dessert.

Susan said...

Thanks Leah...I am indeed going to cut up those bars and I bought some fresh rasp, black, and blue berries to have in a bowl. Thanks for the encouragement to do so.
For the veggies I think I am just going to do one of my faves: teensy brussel sprouts in a scant bit of butter, with sauteed mushrooms and onions and bits of red pepper. Easy peasy and it tastes good.
Hope your growing family is doing well these days. Blessings to all!