Saturday, September 26, 2015

Feeding Time at the Zoo, a Continuation....

Last evening we dined on wonderful steak and tonight it was roast turkey with all the trimmings, a gift from our bishop's wife as her church was having their fall rundraising dinner this evening.  The Bishop delivered two meals, complete with pie, to our home on his way from the dinner to yet another evening meeting.  

So now I truly do feel like the Goodyear Blimp....ooooh, my aching tummy.  Two nights in a row of eating too much dinner...I am paying for it now.  But oh, everyting has been so delicious.  I think I managed to balance out my carbs again tonight by only eating a few bites of the mashed potatoes and stuffing, eating instead more of the turnip...for once there seemed to be no sugar added to it and so it was delicious!  I had two forkfuls of REAL blueberries from one of the pieces of pie, leaving the rest of that piece and a slice of apple pie for my husband to eat tomorrow.  I didn't eat my delish looking home made roll, not even a nibble.  I concentrated on the turkey and the mixed veggies and excellent cole least I TRIED to be as good as possible with the food.  Unfortunately I just ate too darned much overall.

I feel like I have gained ten pounds in the past 24 hours.  However, most of the casserole meals and other donated foods are at an end and I, fortunately, am feeling more able to stand up long enough to actually cook something tomorrow.  

The time of feasting is at an end.  Time to return to my regular diet, my regular weight, ( I HAVE to have gained weight over the past 3 weeks, I simply HAVE to have gained weight!!)

Ooh tummy, forgive me for these last two days of sumptuous, rich food.  I am so sorry....but only sorry you caught me out since I wouldn't have missed a single bite for all the world!

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