Sunday, September 20, 2015

Food In, Staples Out

My husband arrived home from church today with arms laden with food from our church family: canning jars filled with stew, an entire ham on the bone, scalloped potatoes, stuffed manicotti, fresh fruits and vegetables.  O my....I am going to be able to eat well while he is out of town this week and not have one worry about how I will manage to cook and move heavy pots and pans around the kitchen with only one hand free.  O thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, church family...what a huge stress has been removed for me this week and how nutritiously I will be eating.  Thank you Lord for these amazing people I barely know yet.

At 4pm my staples came out over at one of the health region offices.  It is only 2 blocks from our home and right next to the grocery store where my husband purchased some "extras" for me to enjoy while he is gone.  The procedure was painless, the home care nurse friendly, accommodating and able to tell me every step of what she was doing and what my responsibilities are to care for the 3 small incisions now that I am armed only with steristrips to keep the pressure off the newly released incisions.

After that I crutched my way almost half a block to to the grocery store and my husband picked up my treats while I took a quick tour around the perimeter of the shopping area and then sat on a strategically placed bench near the cashier.  So happy I had accrued sufficient PC points to save my husband fifty other words to almost pay for the entire basket of goodies.

After a ham sandwich and some scalloped potatoes for dinner, we both retired to our computers.  I am so glad I forced myself upright from the dining room table long enough to do dishes first.

Well, time to do my last physio of the day....I am exhausted but so very happy!

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