Saturday, September 12, 2015

Great Day in the Morning, and the Afternoon and the Evening!

Highlights of the day:
-learning to use the iPad
-getting all the dishes washed after every meal
-standing in the warm sun on the back porch...twice
-being disciplined to do all three rounds of physiotherapy and not cheating
-watching an entire series of a favourite tv show 
-figuring out a way to sweep the kitchen floor AND sweep the pile onto the dustpan!!
-enjoying long phone conversations with two of my best friends from other towns
-receiving one of the most fairy tale-like bouquets ever from a church in our former parish
-seeing the excitement on my poor, tired husband's face as he reviewed my day of accomplishments

prayer requests:
-for travelling friends whose van is having mechanical troubles part way along their route
-for my tired and overworked husband who did not need me to pull this on him right now
-for my mom who has been diagnosed with a potentially life threatening condition
-for my son as he has some big decisions brewing 

Thank you for the ongoing concern for me/us.  Our friends, known and unknown, mean so much to us!

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