Friday, September 25, 2015

Here and Gone

My husband finally arrived home from his clergy conference at 8pm yesterday.  I was so happy to see him I was nearly in orbit.  We had a whole hour to visit before he had to get to bed for another early start today.  This morning he was gone before 7am to cook breakfast for the Regional Archdeacons' meeting.  Tomorrow morning he will be gone fairly early once again to attend the Diocesan Finance Committee meeting, church is Sunday of course and then he has 3 more days of work before his HOPEFULLY two days off in a row.

I am seeing him getting too tired and it concerns me that he will slide into a CFS episode.  He has done incredibly well so far through all the stresses and strains of work thus far this autumn, as well as handling the stress of my accident, but I see the first small signs that it is becoming too much for him to keep going with no time off.  So, I am praying like crazy for a rest for him.  He so loves his job and that is a big help in keeping the CFS at bay.  We are tracking days off he has not had since Sept. 1 and hoping to sneak away to Calgary the first week of November after Synod is over. 

My week went well.  We had a couple of rather chilly days and nights so I discovered our furnace is working just fine...what a relief to not have to contact the management yet again for some kind of repair to the place.  Today our predicted high is +27C so it will be like a summer day before the temperatures begin the inevitable slide into our next season.

In between all the lovely visits I had this week with friends from here, there and everywhere, I began reading a wonderfully well written and witty book by Anne Lamott, "Travelling Mercies: some thoughts on faith".  It is a short autobiography of her journey to the discovery of faith, from her childhood in the tumultuous era of the "hippies", of which her parents were a big part, through her discovery of God and into her middle aged years. She is close to my own age, so her experiences mirror to some extent my own....except for the family life growing up of course.  I am trying to imagine either of my parents smoking a joint and failing miserably. hahaha

Tonight I am going out with  my husband.  We are attending the annual fundraising steak dinner at our parish church.  It will be noisy, exhausting, energy filled and will allow me to utilize my crutching skills to the maximum on the 20 or so steps leading to the basement area kitchen/dining room.  I am really looking forward to it, particularly after having to miss out on the refugee dinner on Tuesday.  I won't get to visit much with my husband there, but I will be out among people again.  YAY!!!!  It will be completely exhausting, but a lot of fun.

In another week I hope to be able to get to the Community choir rehearsals.  I will have missed the first 2 by then, but the director seems amenable to the idea of me starting late.  Hope my voice is a bit stronger by then as well.  If I can get to church this Sunday morning I can test it out with the songs there.

So, all is well. I see more movement happening with my hip and leg every couple of days. I am vigorously pursuing my physio exercises and wow, they are incredibly helpful.  It was good for me to be "alone" for 4 days to regain my confidence, to HAVE to use the stairs with no one to watch over me. (I use the word "alone" loosely, as there were at least 2 people checking on me every day while my husband was gone. haha)  The donated casseroles from the church were a wonderful mercy so that I didn't have to try to stand up to the point of being lightheaded to make a decent meal for myself.  What a wonderful group of women to donate so much food when they really don't even know me yet.

Didn't sleep all that well last night, too much noise outside, which is rather unusual, but will have a nap this afternoon...I hope.
Have a great day everyone!

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