Saturday, September 19, 2015

In the Absence of a Television

I am learning how to cope while stuck inside in a 1000 square foot townhouse without an operational television system.

My husband was gone for over 12 hours and it was one long day, I tell you....not that I usually watch much tv on a Saturday, but at least the news channels see some action from me.  Not today....o, it is going to be a long long wait until the repairman comes on Monday.....

I had all my day's doable chores finished well before 11am.  

So, I had a nap.  

Then I started a suspense novel.

Then I had lunch, washed my dishes and did my physio workout. 

Then I read some more of my novel.

Then I had a nap.

Then I hiked upstairs and responded to a couple of emails.

Then I read some more of my novel.

Then I had a nap.  

Then I finished the novel.

Then I ate a late dinner, did the dishes, did my physio and started a second novel.

Fortunately my husband arrived home about ten pages into novel number two and we had a wonderful visit around iced cream and banana slices before heading upstairs for a final email check and getting ready for bed.

My husband is all ready asleep.

Guess I will have a nap............

Tomorrow? Ditto I suspect....ooh it is going to be a long wait until 4pm when I head over to home care to have my staples removed and we pick up a few groceries for next week.  

Hopefully the repairman will actually show up on Monday........o, please let it be.......

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