Saturday, September 19, 2015

Life's Little Victories

You know you are in post op recovery when the teensiest of tasks accomplished are such a freaking big deal!

This morning's joyous accomplishment was being able to put my own sock on my "bad" foot....all by myself!!!  It was accomplished to the tune of lots of creaking bones, stretching muscles and many many unfeminine grunts and groans, but accomplished it was!  YAY!!  I feel like Superwoman!! haha

Today I am grateful I got lots of banking updates done in my account book with only one addition mistake.  Like the rest of the technology in here, this morning my little solar powered calculator crashed and I had to do all the additions and subractions in my I always did until a few years ago when I finally wimped out and joined the rest of the world in giving up my own life long developed math skills and turned them over to the little hand held machine to do for me.  It felt fabulous to be able to still do those basic math skills "my own self!"

So, I have been able to be upstairs on my own today, using this old computer quite happily, able to navigate the stairs safely with my crutches.  I still have a load of towels to fold before my husband gets home tonight.  Unfortunately that is all the work I have left to do for chores for the rest of the day...and it isn't even 10:30am yet!!!  

Obviously I am feeling better, beginning to mobilize and navigate is going to be a LONG weekend until the tv/internet repair fellow shows up Monday afternoon.  We were on the cancellation list, but I guess no one has done that, so here we sit.  At least the tv itself still works and I can find some old movie to play on the now disabled VCR if I get desperate enough...I think I can bend down far enough to insert the disk into the machine.  

Well, off back downstairs. I am reading a fun book and my leg has been in this chair long enough for one session, so off to the comfy couch for some rest.  There was a lot of drunken hollering and revving car engines outside here, throughout the night, so neither of us slept very well. Hopefully  my husband is having a safe drive to the Diocesan camp today for an executive directors' meeting.  It is a good four hours away but he will have company for the part of the trip when he picks up another board member along the way.  I will be so happy for him once the end of October arrives and conference/synod are both completed so his life can return to one of frantic, rather than manic, busyness.

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