Sunday, September 27, 2015

O Glorious Day

Today is a perfect autumn day!  The temperature is close to +20C, the sun is shining through a few scattered clouds, some of the trees have bright yellow leaves, some have leaves that have barely begun to turn from summer green and some are completely nude all ready.  The park across the road from our place is still filled with luscious looking plants, the huge flower pots decorating some of the medians along the main streets are still sporting brightly coloured flowers and ground cover plants.  

This morning I was able to go to church for the first time in a few weeks and it was so much fun.  Many of those there today were not at the steak supper on Friday, so I was able to enjoy seeing all those new friends once again after what seems like a long absence.  I wasn't able to stand up for a lot of the hymns and prayers, but I stood as I was able and felt so good to be back in "the fold" of my church community. Eucharist was particularly meaningful after not having it but once during this recovery time.

Next Sunday afternoon, Lord willing, I will be attending Community Choir for the first time with one of the younger gals from church.  I am also excited to find out that the United Church minister's husband is a part of that same choir.  He and I decided we can have our own private family "in jokes" to laugh about there.  I feel so badly for him and his husband, my husband's cousin.  Because of their lifestyle choice they have been able to have so little positive contact with any of their family members and are clinging to my husband and I as if we are their last hope.  May we be able to exude the love of Christ for these newly discovered family members. My husband is equally delighted to have located more family here in the city that he never knew about before.  What a fantastic chance to grow not only in our family contacts, but in learning about how faith is lived out in their lives.

After church we just couldn't force ourselves to return home for a plebian bacon and egg luncheon.  The day was too nice to want to stick ourselves back into the house too soon.  So, we went over to our favourite Sunday pub, Leopold's, and had a scrumptious meal.  Perhaps it is because I have been stuck indoors for 3 weeks and only had one previous chance in that time to try going to a restaurant, but my taco salad seemed even tastier, grander in portion size and more beautifully plated even than the last time I ordered it.  It is more salad than "taco", with less than one carb serving of corn chips crushed onto the top of it and another carb worth of corn niblets and black beans scattered throughout the glistening mixture of greens. In other words it is about perfect for me. There is no dressing on the salad other than a droozle of guacamole across the top and just a small container of salsa and one of sour cream.  I can eat a bit of each of them or not.  I always share the fried cheese lattice with my huband to cut down on the amount of fat I ingest.  There is a bit of salt in the beef, but not as much as there is in other places where ground beef accompanies a meal, so the whole salad is just right for me.  I admit to eating the entire plateful and enjoying every last bite. AND I could do it relatively guilt free because when I weighed in last night for the first time in a month, I have lost 7 of the 11 pounds I gained over the spring and summer.  I got into some bad snacking habits that plagued me for several months, but the time in hospital deprived me of those opportunities and I know I feel better without snacking so am newly encouraged not to return to that practise.

My husband found a place to park our car for the rest of the day and overnight over on a side street not too far away from our back door.  Starting tomorrow morning the street into our complex will be torn up for about a week for badly needed repaving and nearly 200 cars that drive off that street into the parking areas for each court have to relocate during that time.  It is going to be chaotic bedlam until that street is repaved, but o what a blessing that it is being done.  The potholes are so wide and so deep I am surprised we have not torn the gasoline tank right out from under our car.  It is a nightmare that is soon going to end. YIPPEE!!  It is worth a week's inconvenience to have it fixed.  Thank you City of Regina for attending to this this autumn.  We are beyond grateful!  The repaving of our main thoroughfare outside the front door is about wrapped up after nearly 8 weeks of work redoing sidewalks and draining systems as well as fixing the road.  Next summer is going to be much quieter and easier to get around in our neighbourhood.  Nice to get it all over with at once.

Tomorrow an out of town friend is coming in to take me out for dinner and take me to do some "frolicking" with her as she runs errands.  We have the best time doing almost nothing and finding great joy in it.  My husband is off work tomorrow, having worked this afternoon and continuing to work into the evening hours getting caught up on work emails etc.  If I go out with my friend for a couple of hours it will give him some badly needed time alone in his own home, something he rarely gets to experience.

Please keep praying for my parents...some possibilities for them, Lord willing. Thank you!

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