Monday, September 28, 2015

One Reason the Anne Lamott Book Was So Good for Me to Read!

I admit I don't always have an appreciation for some of the language used and the real life stories of normal human struggle by authors who are "real people", like Anne Lamott is, honest people who don't try to hide their flaws or their failures or their confusion about life in and out of the Spirit.

However, one of the reasons I am glad I read her latest book this past week is that it gave God another chance to seep out from around the perimeters of the evanglical faith I grew up with....the one that laid out many rules for establishing who was and was not a "true Christian" or a "good Christian" based on outward appearances that could be deceiving and also easily manipulated to achieve the desired response from others looking on.

I rarely struggle with that old way of thinking any more, but occasionally when I least expect it it rears its ugly head.  It happened this past week, right in the middle of my reading Lamott's book and talk about perfect timing! haha  What I read that same day in the book relieved me of a very old and unexpected temptation to look on someone else in an attitude of judgement.

Thank you Anne Lamott for your honesty in the books you write.  We are not much different in the particular struggles we have had in adult life and maybe one of the reasons I sometimes cringe when I read your books is that I see myself in all my unadorned humanity.

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