Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ooooh, That Hurts!!.

Am paying the price for overdoing it on the weekend and again yesterday but I have no regrets for taking all the opportunities presented to me to get out of the house. A Tylenol at 2am at least relaxed my aching leg and allowed me a few more hours of sleep. It was worth an uncomfortable night, is all I can say.

Yesterday morning my husband took some time off to chauffeur me around the city to a number of banks and grocery stores. This time there was no sitting and waiting in the car for me! I crutch walked myself into all the venues and took care of most of the duties myself, letting my husband experience the joy of sitting in the warm car, relaxing and making phone calls/texting for work.

I did agree to wait in the car when he found a hardware store that carries the grab bar I need for the bathtub, thank goodness I was able to see the sense in that! Tonight he will install it and I will be able to enjoy my first post-op shower and proper hair conditioning. YIPPEE!!

After two rounds of physio and some rest a friend took me for a delicious dinner of salad, bassa fish and grilled veggies. We always have such great visits because we spend so much time laughing about absolutely nothing.

It was a phenomenal day after a happy weekend, but apparently right after dinner the colour drained from my face, so my friend brought me home. Well, it was a great day while it lasted.

Today I am not dressed, but wrapped in my bathrobe and a blanket, blogging and reading from the safe haven of our comfy sofa. The back porch will be as far away from the house as I get today. It is quite chilly outside and the furnace insists it is time to come on more often than I wish it needed to. At least the sun is shining. We are surrounded on all sides by road construction, so there is a lot of noise and the wretched odor of hot tar and asphalt to contend with,  but the driving around here will be far less taxing on our elderly auto once it is complete.

Life is good!

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