Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Retro Regurgitation

A few minutes ago I saw an advertisement for the latest in USB keyboards and I laughed and laughed.

These new keyboards are set up and built exactly like old fashioned typewriters.  They can be used as keyboards for PC's, lap tops and other devices, OR, teehee, you can put in a piece of paper and type up a letter the old fashioned way and post it via snail mail.  hahaha  I LOVE this!!  There is hope yet for a return of the national postal service.  

As hackers become more proficient and more dangerous even to the average computer user, the rest of the world seems to be following the US Pentagon's lead in returning to paper documents to avoid compromising personal and classified information by having it stolen and put onto the internet and social media outlets for all the world to see.

For some perverse reason the production of this new style of USB/typewriter keyboard absolutely delights me.  Sometimes, just occasionally, we discover that some of the older, pre-computer, inventions can actually be pretty darned useful!!

Sorry if my age is showing, but I can't help but giggle once in awhile at the failures of our technological age, even as I enjoy its successes.

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chris e. said...

First I've heard of this device. How wonderful! I learned how to type on a manual typewriter. And being of similar vintage, you probably remember when the IBM Selectric typewriter was cutting edge technology. What other 'new' inventions do you think we will see?