Friday, September 25, 2015

Sufficiently Suffonsified

Tonight I got myself dressed in actual clothes and my husband drove me to our church for the annual fall steak supper fundraiser.  It was a gloriously warm and sunny day today, perfect for an afternoon car ride and an evening out.

Honestly, is there anything more satisfying to the palate than a perfectly grilled medium rare steak?  I truly don't think anything can top it.  It has been so long since I had a properly cooked steak that, instead of eating my approved 2 ounces, I ate more than 6!!  I ate the entire steak!!  So, I feel completely stuffed and like I won't be able to eat again for several days, but it was entirely worth it.

The two men from our congregation who grilled the steaks out of doors on a huge grilling unit, managed to put out nearly 200 of these medium rare wonders...amazing!  Add in a perfectly dressed caesar salad, baked mixed beans that included green beans and lima beans rather than the standard warmed over tinned, metallic tasting navy beans, toasty hot baked potatoes with real bacon chips and sour cream and the meal was rather spectacular.  Sitting on the tables the meal appeared to be pretty plain fare, but it was all prepared so well that it was an absolute feast.  

Now, if my husband and I just could have supplied some decent wine.....sigh....I will NEVER get used to being served Naked Grape and Yellow Tail....blecch, pooey.....but other than that little glitch in the menu, it was a super meal.  The desserts were plain and tasty: chocolate cake squares, iced cream and apple crisp, such appropriate prairie sweets.  I had a wee taste of the chocolate cake...on top of nearly 7 ounces of protein...I will never settle my system down properly to get to sleep tonight, but I don't care.

A pretty nice day today...and if I spend all day tomorrow resting while my husband is at work, it doesn't matter.


bullwinkle said...

How about Sake instead of naked grapes? :)

Susan said...

'twould have been a wonderful post meal potable! Wish it had been available!