Friday, September 18, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Friday!  Due to my ongoing recovery it has been kind of a slow week around here, but now there are a couple of updates:

--My leg continues to heal, I see progress slowly but surely as I work through the physio 3 times each day and I am encouraged.  A lot of the fog cleared out of my head this morning after I was able to finally have a good cry about the whole inconvenient event and about the disaster that was my encounter with the anaesthetist during the surgery.  Wow, that cry felt so good as I am not a crier and it has taken me 2 weeks to have a little sob fest. Glad that's over!

--Yesterday afternoon our wireless internet and tv service crashed.  My husband spent over an hour on the phone with the Sasktel techs, but they are stymied as to what the problem is.  It may be the modem or even the set box for the tv, but Monday afternoon is the soonest they can free someone to come over and fix it.  Being stuck downstairs for so much of the day and not being able to use the iPad now for internet, my dear husband took pity on me.  This morning he went downstairs and sorted and sifted all the old wires left behind by myriad university students who rented this place before us.  He now has us both wired into the internet until the wireless system can be repaired.  Bless his heart! (he is also doing the laundry this morning...oh, he is such a great help to me and I am grateful!)  It will be wierd not having a tv for 3 or 4 days, but hardly a huge issue.   I have SO many  books to read right now.

--In a half hour or so I am going to start getting properly dressed for the first time in 2 weeks.  We are going to drive to the bank where my husband will learn how to pay the utility bills while I wait in the car hoping he doesn't mess it up. hahahaha  I am sending him to the teller as I can't trust him with the ATM. haha  Oh, he is so smart about everything but banking.  That is my area of expertise.  Then we are going to try to get me into a restaurant for lunch out.  If I get through that okay I know I will be sleeping for the rest of the afternoon!  You always think you are doing well when you are at home post-op, but then you get out of the house and realize the "vastness" of the distances involved to crutch walk anywhere.  Hopefully this experiment will go well.  Gotta start somewhere...

--My son has some possibilities on the horizon that may provide the answers to his prayers for direction over the next year or so. Thank you for praying for him and please continue as he comes to mind. He is very aware of the prayer help and grateful for it.

--My parents have huge news: as of today they are signed up to move into a lovely seniors' facility only a couple of blocks from where they live now.  They will be able to remain patients with their current doctors and dentists, BUT now will have a facility bus to assist them in getting to appointments.  Their condo goes on the market in less than a week's time and they are moving between Oct. 1 and 15!!  I am ecstatic for them.    They are in touch with a wonderful man who moves seniors and not only moves the few belongings they will have room for in the new place, but will also take their other belongings to the dump and the thrift store as indicated.  Since I am sitting here with a broken leg, unable to help them at all, I am beyond grateful for this man.  They have spent many hours all ready in this facility as they have several good friends all ready living there and are as excited as two little children to make this move.  Hopefully they will both survive the stress of the move.  Once clergy conference and diocesan synod here are completed near the end of October and my husband has a few weeks with no serious events to plan we will head out there to visit my parents and retrieve a small box of items they are setting aside for us.  Bless them....I am so very happy and relieved about this move.  It will make their lives richer and safer, as well as take a burden of worry off me...quite a nice bonus.  Another bonus my husband and I receive is that this particular facility has an agreement with our favourite hotel in Calgary and we will get a discount rate each time we go there to visit my parents.  It will help us to be able to go more often to visit and that is a good thing. This situation is typical of how my parents operate: lull, lull, lull, then bing bang boom and their entire life changes.  That is how I grew up and I tend to have things like that happen to me as well.  It is pretty cool and no time to worry about the changes because they happen so quickly!

--I will get the supreme test of how I am actually doing next week when my husband is out of town at the conference.  He will be gone 4 days and 3 nights.  He is only 40 minutes drive away this time, so can be here pretty quickly if  I need him.  I do have a "date" with the office gals to attend a fundraiser dinner at a local pub on Tuesday evening, the half way point, so I am guaranteed someone will be checking on me then.  I am still getting used to how many friends and aquaintances I have here that I can call on if I need assistance at any time.  It is humbling and wonderful.

--Our church family is bringing even more casseroles to my husband on Sunday.  These will keep me fed with good food while he is gone next week and I will not have the stress of trying to stand up and hobble around long enough to haul out cooking utensils, make meals and then get all those dishes over to the sink to wash and put away.  They are a great bunch, so thoughtful, as all our parishioners have been over the years.

So, that is the latest and greatest!  If I am actually going to be able to go out for lunch today I had better decide what is going to work for clothing and shoes. I still can't quite get my own sock and shoe on the "bad" leg, but I am SO close to Monday I am hopeful I will be able to do it myself.  It is an overcast day with bright flashes of warm sun here and there.  I need to have a jacket on that is light and can be easily removed.  The sheer adrenaline rush of being outside will raise my body temperature in a hurry. hahaha

Off to the races......


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