Friday, October 23, 2015

14 Hours and Counting

My husband has been at work now for the past fourteen hours, heading into fifteen as I write.  Tomorrow's Synod meetings will bring more of the same.  Thanking God that it all ends at about noon on Sunday so that he can come home and collapse for a day and a half.  I can't help hoping that by some miracle he can take Monday and Tuesday off together, but a miracle is what that would take and I am not overly hopeful.  

It has been an incredibly long day for me here as well. Saturdays are not known for having a lot of visits, emails or telephone contacts as people are busy with their own weekend activities with family.  However, still the day has passed.

I was in bed when the guys left this morning and now I am heading off there once again.  The day of rest has surely helped my hip and I should sleep well.

My parents met with a financial advisor today and he believes that financially they can indeed handle their hoped for move.  Now, if he can just confirm that by Monday and if the person who just made them an offer can wait until then for their counter offer, as it is incredible that they have even received an offer in the dismal real estate market right now.........from my mouth to God's ear......may it all work out so they can move into the beautiful suite they have chosen........

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