Friday, October 23, 2015

A Rest Day For Me

By the time our billet for Synod arrived last night I was pretty sore from all the housework, shopping, etc. that I accomplished this week.  By bedtime I had spent sufficient time in pain that my blood sugar was soaring.

Fortunately, I managed to have a much better sleep than usual last night, despite the discomfort, so I am back down to normal sugars this morning.

Our guest arrived just in time for dinner and seemed to enjoy his meal immensely.  Since he is also diabetic, I was able to have the kinds of evening snacks available for him that he can enjoy.  We munched away happily on our whole wheat crackers and low fat Swiss cheese.  haha  He and my husband are up having breakfast now before heading off for last minute Synod preparations at the office and I am wondering how he is coping without coffee.  I forgot to let him know ahead of time that we don't have coffee here, so hopefully my husband will be able to point him to the coffee pot once they arrive at work.  The executive financial officer MUSt have her coffee as soon as she arrives at the office, so there is always a pot made immediately in the morning.

I can't believe how easily I am getting off as far as meals over the next 3 days.  Absolutely everything edible is provided at the Synod for every meal and snack other than breakfast.  I don't even have to get out of bed to make these fellows breakfast.  I just set out everything on the dining table the night before, dishes and cereal, bread and peanut butter etc.  They are quite capable of finding whatever else they need and leaving the clean up for me to do at my leisure.

Despite squeaky floors in this old townhouse, we all slept well.  We did a single file trip to the washroom at 2am and then we all slept until the alarm went at 6:30am, with barely a sound coming from any of the bedrooms.  It was great, so I think I can relax now about how our guest is going to sleep here.  He was delighted with having a mattress on the floor...what is it with men, even middle aged men, who so enjoy camping out on the floor, even when visiting someone else's home?  haha  I get quite a chuckle out of it.

Today I have a heavy day planned: resting, relaxing, resting, relaxing!!  My hip is toast because I pushed it to the limit and it is complaining.  As happy as I am to have accomplished so much this week, I still have to take activity in small least smaller than I have been.

So family and friends, that is the update here.  I need to make an appointment for next week to get the car into for winter tires.  We are supposed to have our first flurries this coming Tuesday evening.  Eeek.....winter....can't ignore its onset any more.  Yikes!

My only other plan for next week is to take the bus downtown for my hair appointment and a couple of other small items I need to purchase at the mall.  I expect that will about finish me off for the rest of the week!

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