Saturday, October 3, 2015


Today is the first day of autumn rains...brrrr...the furnace has been coming on every hour since the rains started at about 2am. My husband checked the basement several times before he left for a day of meetings out of town, and so far his interior wall patching is holding. So far, not a drop of water has seeped into our basement. If there is any later on, he only has about another hour of work to seal off any other drips.

I am so glad I have been going outside for a few minutes two or three times each day. When I broke my hip a month ago, the temperatures were still in the mid +20's, now we are averaging nearly ten degrees colder during the day. Had I not been heading outside every day, today's coolness would be shocking. So, this morning at 8am I donned my fall raincoat and headed out to the back porch. Even when it is this chilly, I so enjoy standing in the rain, letting it trickle down over my face and watching  my hair curling up in the mist.

Trying not to be nervous about auditioning for choir tomorrow afternoon, but failing miserably. I am such an old has been! Well, if I fail, there are only two other people there I will have to face again in the future, so all will be well.

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