Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An Update on Sandy

Finally received an update on Sandy for those of you who are praying for her.  This report, written by her son, was forwarded to me today:

We spoke with moms physiotherapist, and he told us the biggest recovery curve is between 3-6 months after a brain injury. Mom is 11 weeks in, and has shown slow, steady improvement the entire time, which is what they hope to see. We're remaining steadfast in our belief that the next three months will be a big recovery period.
She has been able to tell dad 'I love you' once, and a second time she said 'I love you too'. She knows her last name, and occasionally will attempt to speak, but we are not sure what she is trying to say. The important part is that she is trying.
While in her physio sling last week, dad had about a 10 second dance with her. She was aware, put her arms around him and moved side to side a little.
Slow and steady. Thankful for all your continued love and support!

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