Thursday, October 29, 2015

Channeling Pollyanna

I feel a need to call on all my "cheery" skills today.

I am sore and tired in reaction to my 'flu' shot, it has been cold, grey and windy outside all week and I am reading a most depressing book about a father with a severely handicapped son. Blaaaaaah!

So, I have set the book aside for one that is more cheery and in a few minutes I am going to force myself to get dressed and make use of the car my husband left here today so he could exercise by walking to work this morning,

I have decided to stop focusing on the discomfort I have from the pin heads poking at my leg and butt muscles until I see the surgeon in January.

I have also decided to stop stressing over the dingbat who purchased my parents' condo and who has been hassling them over incredibly stupid and unnecessary things ever since. Still trusting God that this sale will be completed by this time next week. Their real estate agent AND the buyer's are ready to strangle the person. Well, God is mightier than all of us dingbats, so....

Starting to feel cheerier all ready, feeling a bit of an energy surge, so should take advantage of it, get dressed and get a "wiggle on" as my mom used to say, haha.

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