Sunday, October 4, 2015

Choirs and Skies

My first introduction to community choir this afternoon was a cheery, fun experience that is inspiring me to attempt to get my voice back in shape!  What a great way to spend Sunday afternoons.  My only disappointment is that there is no rehearsal next week due to it being the Thanksgiving weekend!

Our director is also the director of several other choirs in the city, including the Philharmonic chorus, but I suspect he also enjoys the sheer fun of working with what seems to be the typical rag tag group of folk in this community choir.  He covers a lot of territory in our 2 hours of rehearsal time, knows how much time to spend on each piece of music, each problem area, can play all four parts and direct at the same time....yup, he is very good indeed and very personable even when pulling things from our group we haven't realized we are capable of.  The other people are friendly and fun.  It was a great time and I can't wait to go back.  The president of the choir is also the gal from our church who invited me to come and try out.  She is alto, just like myself and she realizes I am going to want to practise at home this next two weeks, so I was allowed to bring home the music.  It is going to be so much fun to have a musical "goal" once again.

Far less exciting is the sky filled with snow clouds!  There has been a bit of snow falling all ready to the far west and north of us, but I suspect that overnight it may just be our turn for the first flakes of the dreaded "white stuff"!  Sigh....can't remain in denial much longer. Winter is on the way.  The clouds have changed from light grey rain clouds to deep dark grey with white "fringe" that indicates those clouds are full of icy water just waiting to fall in the form of snowflakes.  Rats!

Well, winter can't be avoided forever. Perhaps if we get this first bit of snowfall over with the temperatures will warm up a bit once again and we will be graced with some sunny days before the deep snows of winter arrive. There is always hope....even here on the prairies.

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