Thursday, October 1, 2015


 I decided this morning it is time to graduate myself from the walker to the cane. 'Tis time!
The crutches will be reserved for climbing stairs and going out on errands to give me a bit more security in public places until I am more steady on my feet. If my muscles start complaining later today I will return to using the walker for the evening. Walking with the walker seems to cause my healing leg to splay out at an unnatural angle, but it seems to straighten up properly with the cane. 

Since I have so little natural bounce in this leg since breaking my ankle, now with the damaged thigh muscles I feel like I have a tree trunk attached to my leg. Time to start repatterning those muscles to make up for that loss of "spring in my step".

As my former physiotherapist told me, it is time to retake control of my body!

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