Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy News From the Family

Dad just called to say their counter offer on their condo has been accepted, so pending the outcome of the two building inspections, it should be a done deal in about a week's time.  So, SO relieved and hoping of course for no unexpected last minute glitches that seem to characterize the real estate business these days.  The buyer's bank will have a difficult time finding anything wrong with either inspection because the whole place is in excellent condition, constantly maintained properly and my parents' agent is very familiar with the place. He will be present for both inspections.  He has been involved since the building was erected nearly twenty years ago and his own mother sold my parents their unit at the time.

I am nearly beside myself with excitement!!  My parents have always assumed that my father's medical conditions would guarantee he will be the first of the two of them to die, but as I see my mother slowly but surely wearing out, I am not as convinced as they are as to the future turn of events.  To know that my now sweetly dibbled father will be safe and taken care of should my mother die first is such a blessed relief to me.  To know their sale money is being well invested and that they will not have any foreseeable financial worries for many years is also a great weight off all our shoulders.  My husband and I are going to meet with their financial advisor next week so we can see and understand how this is all going to work.  It was the advisor's idea to meet with us, so that he is covered with the family and we can see he is not making up stories to dupe seniors, who are apparently his specialty clients.

O, thank you Lord...thank you to those of you who have been praying for my parents.  Now, if it all just clears the final couple of hurdles my parents can be moved by the end of November according to the fellow they talked to yesterday who specializes in moving the elderly.  It is a similar deal to the one we had when my husband's mother passed away so very unexpectedly a few years ago.  The fellow and his crew will come in and move the things my parents are taking with them, then they will take the charitable donations to the proper outlets, some things will go to auction and they will also take the junk to the dump...and all for a most reasonable price. What goes where is decided while my parents are still in their condo, so basically when moving day arrives all my parents have to do is walk out the door and across the street to their new place.

Ooh, sorry for going on and on about this....I am just SO happy for them and so relieved about the future for all of us.  For the moment, all is well and it is such a great feeling. 

Is there any greater feeling than that of "Whew"???!!?

This is definitely a case of Lamott's HELP. THANKS. WOW.

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