Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ho Hum.....

Life is falling into a predictable pattern since our busy weekend: my husband is up to his ears in work and will be until the end of the month. I am stuck in the house between trying to keep from overdoing things with my hip and not having access to the car these days. All this time indoors while the last of the best autumn weather passes me by is starting to depress me. Hopefully I can use the car tomorrow for a short trip to the grocery store and post office after my husband goes to work. Surely he has at least tomorrow where he does not have so many things to carry to the office that he could return to walking....just for tomorrow?

Despite the good amount of work I have all ready accomplished today, I feel restless. Glad to get half my winter clothes out of the storage tubs and ironed, but I want to get OUT!!

The positive aspect of how I am feeling today is that it indicates I am feeling much better and experiencing somewhat better mobility. Every couple of days I realize the hip is moving just a bit more smoothly in directions it hasn't wanted to go.

Aaaaargh!! I detest having to slow much.....for so many weeks....aaaaargh.....

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