Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Will Likely Regret It Tomorrow...O Well....

I am presently icing my hip with freezer packs, but not because I did my physio exercises this late in the afternoon. It is because for the last three and a half hours I have been cleaning bathroom fixtures and dusting this filthy townhouse! Yes, I will probably live to regret being so eager and doing so much in one day, but I cannot handle the dust any more.

My husband just called to let me know he will .be home in a couple of hours. He is horrified that I did so much work, but as I pointed out to him, now he can spend the time I am at choir tomorrow afternoon merely vacuuming carpets and washing two teensy patches of linoleum and that will be the end of his household chores this weekend and until his next days off. So it is all good. The man is so exhausted from what is going on at work right now that I wanted to lighten his load as much as possible.

I feel great! Finally I have accomplished something useful around here! Our dinner tonight will be reheated leftovers, so I can lay on the couch, ice packs at the ready, until a couple of minutes before my wonderful, hard working husband walks through the door.

I am happy and thankful today for energy, motivation and an ever increasing ability to return to normal mobility! Thank you God!

ps: remind me to retread this post when I start whining tomorrow that I am in pain again from getting ahead of my recovery this afternoon. Deal? Deal!

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