Friday, October 16, 2015

Industrial Hardware

This morning I had my six week checkup with the surgeon who repaired my hip.  It went incredibly well!  He is pleased with my progress and my x-rays showed an encouraging amount of new bone growth filling in the crack where the pins and plate pulled the broken pieces together.  The break was actually in the hip itself....femur, shemur....the break is in the same spot as one of the main breaks that happened 43 years ago when I had my little run in with that big car out on the street.  

I have been telling my husband for the past couple of weeks that one of the reasons I can't get comfortable enough to turn myself over in bed onto the broken hip and why I can't seem to get comfortable sitting on hard chairs or even narrow toilet seats, is because I feel like I am lying or sitting on a big piece of metal.

Well, guess what? I AM lying/sitting on a big piece of metal...two pieces in fact!  Sticking up above both the pin and the plate are two tall, humungus metal pin heads.  One sticks up into the muscle tissue of my thigh and the other sticks out into the side muscles of my butt!!  Unless my muscle tissue either thickens or gets a lot tougher, I am going to be feeling these metal pin heads....GIANT things....every time I lay over on that side or sit on a narrow, hard surface.  These giant pin heads are what pulled the pin and plate into the bone and then pulled the pieces of bone together so firmly.

The good news is that these huge pieces of hardware have done their job for my bones.  The "iffy" news is that if they continue to bother me into the new year I am going to have to schedule a second surgery to have the pin heads removed.  I have no idea what the surgeon said after he mentioned this distinct possibility....MORE surgery.....a year from now??? 


Fortunately my husband accompanied me to the appointment so he has been able to fill in the blank spaces in my mind and let me know what the surgeon said after this shocking news.  

Well, I don't have to think about that right now so I won't.  I have 3 months to relax and not think about it and that is what I am going to do.

I wish I had copies of the x-rays to post on here. hahaha  My husband told me that the inside of my upper thigh and hip area looks like it is sprouting industrial hardware.  I look like a pipeline construction project in there!!! Hilarious!

After we left the hospital I was able to distract myself with a protracted grocery shopping trip, some post office errands and a trip to the bank.  In the afternoon I went out once again just to get outside and enjoy the beautiful warm autumn day.  In about 3 more days all this warmth and sunshine will be over until next spring.

My day kind of unravelled around all these errands so I am glad I was able to physically accomplish them and think good thoughts.  My parents called with some disappointing news.  I got an email about a weekend activity that upset me and has left me in a bit of a stressful state until a resolution is reached.  My husband decided the cost of our favourite hotel in Calgary is going to be too expensive when we head there in November, so now we are staying in a different hotel for just over half that a lousy Day's Inn.  I am incredibly, overwhelmingly, to the point of tears, disappointed.  Here we go again: us and all the Pee Wee sports teams filling the place with kid noise and odd hours of activity while they go to hockey camp, little to no sound proofing between rooms and a ghastly hotel breakfast...the word "breakfast" is far too good a word for what the so called food is like at these places.

I admit to going from exhilarated to completely crabby in the space of about 90 minutes today and unfortunately I have remained in a state of crabby for the past 4 or 5 hours.  This is despite the amazing and delicious sole and pickerel dinner my husband made for me...that tells you just HOW intensely disappointed and crabby I am.  Great food cooked by my "could have been a chef" husband usually fixes all ills.

Not today....yucko!

Once I accept my fate at the Day's Inn, wrap my pea sized brain around the second surgery possibility and accept whatever the outcome of what may be a disastrous Sunday event, I will be back to my Pollyanna self.  

I will be.

I know it.

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