Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It Is Raining Today....YAY....It Isn't SNOW!

It is a perfect day for me today!  The rain, coming on the heels of one of the best night's sleep I have had in over a week, is refreshing to my soul.  I feel the depression I have been flirting with lifting and dissipating.  How I do love rain!  AND the fact that it is not snow is like icing on a very big cake!

Today is laundry day.  In a few minutes I will go down to the basement and sort the clothes.  It will be a day with lots of stair climbing and I will be able to compare how my hip responds with how it responded ten days ago when I last washed clothes.  I see so many improvements.  It is most encouraging.

After reading through Trudeau's pre-election platform I am feeling a bit better about the election results this morning.  The difficult part for me is that I didn't want ANY of the three major political party leaders running our country!  How pathetic is that, right?  How picky am I?

Two more days until our Synod billet arrives. So glad it is someone we know...from our former parish.  He is coming a day early so can go in to work with my husband on Friday and help him with the last minute details of set up etc.  It will be nice for my husband and will keep our friend extra busy and involved.  My husband is hoping the man will agree to fill the last open space on one of the committees.  The man is pretty good at participating, so hopefully that will work out.

I am looking forward to the combined diocesan church service at the Cathedral Sunday  morning.  Church services around the diocese are cancelled so that all parishioners can attend it.  However, I suspect it will be much too far to travel for those on the outskirts of our large geographical area and I also suspect some of the locals who could make it will opt to sleep in instead.  How cynical am I? hahaha  Not cynical, just realistic.  If we were all more committed to the cause of Christ our churches would not be in such decline.

All ready I am stoked about choir practise next Sunday.  What fun and what a good learning experience as well.

I am going to get brave today and phone my hair dresser for an appointment next week.  Going there will entail a bus ride both directions, but it is easier than attempting to park our car in the parkade at that mall and have a terribly long walk into the building.  I have opted to take my chances, even if I risk annoying the bus drivers over having to wait for me to take a seat before they drive off, as well as asking for permission to leave via the front of the bus because the back doors are too awkward for me to handle when I am using a cane.  On the way home I can ride all the way around the bottom of the loop, through the university campus and get off again at the same stop in front of my house where I board the bus to get downtown in the first place. It will be my adventure for the week! Sightseeing around the campus will be fun.

The dear lady we visited in hospice on Sunday afternoon died yesterday.  I am sad for her family.  Her husband is going to feel rather lost I think without her. He is also quite elderly and uses a walker. Fortunately his son and daughter in law live here in the city and his daughters Stateside are flying in very soon.  How sad to lose this dear lady, but how wonderful that she is no longer suffering.

Well, off to make that phone call and start the laundry.  It is a CLEAN day!  Clean clothes, clean body and clean hair....oh what a joy to be showering again and seeing my hip able to bend more each time as I dry my toes afterward.  Healing well, thanking God.

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