Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Leaking Basements: the Mother of Invention

The cold wind doth blow....and now we have snow!

Well, only a few big fat flakes coming down this afternoon in the midst of the big rainfall, but still, it is a reminder of what is soon to come.  Thanking God once again for our appointment this afternoon in Moose Jaw to have our winter tires put on.  It isn't going to be the most pleasant drive, so am glad it is only about 45 minutes each way.  At least the rain isn't freezing.  Farther north of us there is quite a bit more snow falling and sticking to the lawns.  

The rain today inspired my husband to deal with the eavestroughing across the front of our place after we got home from our morning hair cuts and shopping.  The bucket lift that our complex uses to clean the eavestroughs at the end of the summers has broken down and wasn't fixed in time to complete our  building.  The rain that collects in our packed eavestroughing spills over the edge and drains itself down along our basement wall...the one that has leaked so much in the past.  My husband has one more coat of parging and sealant to put on that wall, but so far it hasn't leaked again since he put the first 2 coats on.  However today he lost patience with the water spilling over the edge of the trough and decided to invent a way to try to move the packed leaves and other dirt out of the way without having to sneak a big tall ladder along the front of our place and risk injuring himself or getting in trouble with the management.

He disappeared into the basement for a few minutes and then emerged carrying a snow ski with a bar clamp attached at an angle to the toe end of it.  He came up into the bedroom, removed the screen from the window, opened the window, leaned out holding the ski and directed the end of the bar clamp up into the eavestrough.  He made several passes with the bar clamp along the inside of the trough, pushing huge amounts of leaves and twigs and dirt along to the end of the trough at the edge of the building, where the rain washed it immediately down the drainpipe and onto the ground below.  The water is now running well along the trough, down the pipe and draining onto the lawn where it is supposed to be draining!  There is no longer water cascading over the edge of the trough outside the bedroom window.  Good on him!!

Happy to have hair cuts, some dollar store purchases, a new pair of comfy flip flops for house slippers now that the last pair has worn itself down to nearly nothing between my foot and the floor.  Happy to find a pair still available despite the season when most of the summer footwear has been stored away for next year.  Got them for less than half price too....BONUS!

We had to return my medical assist equipment to SaskAbilities today and since they are very close to a great Lebanese bakery and "shwarma joint", we picked up some giant sized pitas and ended up eating our lunch there....oooh, a small fresh whole wheat pita stuffed with chicken shwarma, hummus, tabloui salad, pickled turnip, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, black olives, tzatziki and feta cheese.  It was fabulously tasty.  My husband enjoyed his platter with curried rice and chicken, stuffed grape leaves and salad.  The place does a booming business with the industrial area employees, but we were early enough to get a seat in its small restaurant area.  I was feeling disappointed that we had to leave downtown too early to lunch at Zam Zam's, but this place is run by the sister of Zam Zam's manager and has equally delicious food and some other menu items not available at the downtown outlet.

So, on Thursday I will be able to take the car and head to the east side shopping area to get some things I couldn't get at the mall today and look for some groceries at the big Superstore that our little independent neighbourhood grocery no longer carries.  It is just wonderful to be able to drive myself places again and do some shopping without being completely dependent on having someone else driving or even being with me for the trip.  YIPPEE!

Oh...and tonight we are taking our friend for Indian food!  O my....this has turned into a 4 restaurant post-synod celebration!!  Urp.......will I ever cook again????

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