Saturday, October 10, 2015

Little Neighbourhood Dramas

It is another beautiful day today.  It is presently +25c, the sun is shining in the pale blue autumn sky, leaves are falling, the colours on the remaining leaves are vibrant reds and yellows, dandelions have started blooming again in some places that are protected from the wind and the  cold weather we had earlier in the week.  It has been a great day for enjoying doing the errands we ran this morning and my going out again for a Thanksgiving cheese cake splurge this afternoon with a friend from out of town.  (I will test my blood in a few minutes, but whatever the bad new is, I cheat like this so rarely I think I will survive one high count.)  My friend has no invites for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend and has to work tomorrow, so we both agreed to turf our diets and just enjoy a special treat together.

It has been a week of dramatic activities in our little complex over the past few days.  Rowdy drunks had to be removed from the court beside ours very early one morning, someone went on a rampage breaking car windows the following night, leaving piles of broken glass shards littering the length of the street beside our complex, the police were scouring the grounds yesterday afternoon removing a number of street folk who had succumbed to the combination of  drugs or alcohol ingested earlier in the morning and the hot sunny weather and were subsequently passed out under the beautiful big trees that are all over the complex here.  There has been a sharp increase in recent weeks of that sort of thing, more addicts around our places than management has ever seen before as they drift through on their way to seek warmer places in the surrounding parks to sleep on cold nights.  We have noticed that almost every day of the week now there are garbage pickers ripping through the carefully sealed bags we use here to toss out our household garbage and they are making far more mess than the regular weekend pickers we are all used to.  With the drop again in the economy due to the cessation of the  first time oil boom, there are just more needs out there among the economically challenged. Our area is a relatively new one to explore for them in hopes of finding more food and clothing and discarded items worth money, as their usual haunts are becoming depleted from over picking.

I did get a bit of a chuckle this morning over one little drama occuring right outside my bedroom window.  I woke up just before 8am to the sounds of someone sobbing outside.  When I got up and looked out my window I saw one of the little Muslim boys from the building beside us. He is about 5 or 6 years old and was sitting on the bus bench in front of our place, crying his precious little heart out.  I watched him for a few minutes, unsure of what to do, concerned about some of the unsavoury folk wandering past on the sidewalk, but a couple of minutes later the Muslim man who lives in our building, himself the father of two boys about that age, padded outside in a waist length, bright blue and white down parka, caftan-like robe billowing out from underneath it, his bare feet slapping against his sandals, his hands encased in dark winter gloves and beating themselves together to warm his fingers.  He knelt down beside the little boy and tried to talk to him, to console and cajole him.  All I heard was the little boy sobbing, "But I don't want to go to Muslim school today. I want to play with my friends!!"  I had to chuckle despite feeling badly for the little fellow. I remember the same reaction from my own son on occasion when Christian Sunday School interfered with his carefully laid social plans. After several minutes of attempting to make the little boy feel better and speed him on his way to classes, the man gave up and headed for the home of the boy's parents.  A couple of minutes later, mom and auntie appeared. They sat down with the wee man, hugged him and kissed him and talked quietly to him.  It was only a couple of minutes before the boy got up off the bench, blew his nose into a big handkerchief and got on his bicycle to go to school. Mom and auntie accompanied him and he seemed to have accepted his fate.  This afternoon I have been enjoying watching him playing all manner of outdoor games with his friends and brothers, so happy, giggling and shouting, likely having forgotten all about his upset earlier today. He is the cutest little fellow, "out cuted" only by the teensy First Nations toddler gal who lives beside him.  There are so many neat kids in here of every nationality, colour, religious background.  It is a fun place to live and I am enjoying getting to know finally some of the parents.  The cool thing about a broken leg and the accompanying mobility hardware is that the neighbours are not afraid to ask what happened to me and initiate a conversation.

So, I just checked my blood sugar.  I am delighted that it is only at 7.4...too high for me of course so close to dinner time, but less than a 2 point rise from my post prandial lunch high count. Whew....sorta, kinda got away with it this one time.  I will not be eating dinner until it comes down substantially!  No pumpkin pie for me tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner, but worth giving it up to have that little celebration with my friend today.  There you have it, my own little daily drama!! 

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