Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Dear Husband

My husband made himself late for work yesterday carrying two week's worth of laundry down to the basement for me to wash and dry. The idea was that I would do that much, maybe even fold everything so that he could bring it all back upstairs after work and put things away.

As I was putting the first load into the washer I remembered we have two plasticized tote bags with sturdy handles that would facilitate my bringing up the dry laundry on my own. They worked well for stuffing all the items into and then made it so easy for me to transport to the second floor for folding and putting away. It entailed many trips up and down two flights of stairs, but I was finished well before my husband rushed home for a late dinner before heading out to his evening meeting.

He was happily shocked by what I had accomplished and we were both grateful the laundry was done all ready when he arrived home from his meeting just before 11pm! There is no way he would have been able to do any kind of laundry duty at that time of night.

He was not the only one so happily surprised however. As we wended our way upstairs to bed I remembered I had not put clean sheets on the bed. I nearly cried, I was so tired and sore. I did not have the heart to ask my husband to wrestle with the tightly fitted sheets. When I walked into the bedroom I could not believe my eyes. The bed was all made up with crisp clean sheets and the winter comforter. Between dinner and his evening meeting my husband sneaked into the bedroom and made up the bed.

Such a simple task not even worth mentioning as a rule, but such a tremendous treat to discover a freshly made up bed when broken, healing bones are aching from a day of exertion.

Oh I was and am so grateful!

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