Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Wise and Gracious Bishop!

My husband arrived home from Synod late yesterday afternoon, elated, exhausted and ready to celebrate the success of the venture.

Part of his elation is that our Bishop announced to the office staff after Synod ended that he is closing the office for the next two days so they can all have a much needed and greatly deserved rest! 

My husband was determined to celebrate with fish and chips and a good ale for dinner last night, so off we went exploring to see what we could find on a Sunday evening not too far from home.  After a couple of attempts at restaurants that were just too noisy and crowded for us, we ended up at Shannon's Irish Pub and Grill.  It was perfect for our needs.  We were rather early so it wasn't crowded and it is just enough off the "beaten track" as far as Sunday shopping traffic that we had a soft booth to sit in, quietly played 80's and 90's top ten tunes in the background and a most wonderful meal for our celebration.

My husband enjoyed his fish and chips. The chips had the skins on, just the way he likes them, they were not presalted...also the way he likes them. They were crispy and fresh and the fish also was delicious.  I ordered the beer marinated hamburger...o my...the best burger I have had in years, although the patty could have been a bit larger...maybe I just wanted more?  haha  The accompanying salad was very fresh and tasty.  The menu isn't gourmet, but the food is freshly prepared and cooked.  I indulged in a glass of red wine that wasn't nearly as horrible as I expected it would be. haha  My husband indulged in a pint of Smithwicks.  It was a most lovely evening, topped off by watching the Golovkin/Lemieux boxing match that occured a week ago.  Poor Lemieux didn't have much of a chance, but wow, he gets full credit for not giving up.  If the referee had not ended the fight in the 8th round I doubt Lemieux would have stopped until he had been knocked completely unconscious.  He is one plucky fellow!  I am so glad we got to see it!

This morning we woke up at our usual time, unfortunately, BUT it gave us time to sit after breakfast, visiting for nearly three hours, staring at the thick fog outside.  Once that cleared I headed off to the bank and grocery store.  Now it is sunny and much warmer than it was earlier, although we are not going to set any records for heat this week.

We decided to have a second celebration this evening and return to Bushwakkers.  I am craving their marvellous taco salad.  My husband is just happy to order a meal that requires no prep or dishwashing on our part! haha  Although he experienced that all through Synod he was too busy and anxious to enjoy any of that good food and ate very little.  I think he is making up for lost time in September when I was laid up with this hip and we had no meals out for more than a month.  He seems to live in constant subconscious fear that living in the city will come to a sudden and unexpected halt and we will once again find ourselves living in some kind of rural area with no interesting places to eat or shop.  Hopefully he will soon relax about that.  I finally have.

Tomorrow morning is our time at the downtown mall shopping centre...maybe lunch at Zam Zam's?? Why not try for a triple play on the celebrating?? I all ready found my black winter blazer today in a store near the bank, but we have other bits of this and that to pick up there.  I am very excited that my husband is off work and able to come with me.  I want to stop at the Dollar Store and pick up some kind of cheap pumpkin decoration for our door so that the local kids will know we have treats for them on Halloween. 

Well, now my husband has come in and suggested we drive to our favourite tire store in Moose Jaw tomorrow afternoon and look at winter tires.  We need 2 new ones put on.  We have the other 2 that are almost like new.  If we get the 2 new ones studded we will be ready for winter.  Ahhh, tomorrow is looking like another fun day!! Gettin' ready for this weekend's road trip!

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