Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pooped Out But Happy

So happy to have completed the vacuuming again today as well as washing floors, dragging rocking chairs and other furniture around to make room in the wee office for our overnight company who arrives tomorrow, having lunch with a friend, grocery shopping and banking.  Now it is nearly 11pm and I am finally ready to think about going to bed to read for awhile so I can sleep.  Hoping I can sleep for at least 6 hours for a change.  I was doing so well until I broke my hip and now my sleep disorder has started up again after a couple of years of being mostly free from it.  No wonder I have been feeling so negative and owly all week...insufficient rest for too many nights in a row.  Here's hoping for better tonight! After the workout my hip got today I should definitely be exhausted to the point of actually sleeping!!

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