Sunday, October 25, 2015

Power in the Broom!

At about 7pm yesterday I realized I was completely fed up with two days of enforced rest. I hobbled down to the basement to the food storage unit to find some bottled water, took a good look at the basement floor and decided it was in desperate need of a good vacuuming.

Those stairs are too dangerous for me to be hauling vacuums up and down them, so I settled for balancing the broom and dustpan under my arm and giving that poor, dilapidated old floor the best sweeping I could manage. I even did a semi decent job of sweeping the stairs on the way back up. Next week my husband can vacuum the rest of it and also the rafters once again. It felt so good to accomplish something useful.

The men were back from Synod an hour earlier than the previous evening, so we were able to enjoy a short visit before heading off to sleep. My husband is delighted with how smoothly things have actually gone, as well as by the incredibly positive attitudes displayed at all the meetings. Incredibly, all the resolutions were unanimously passed, except for one that will have to be carried forward to next synod due to one abstaining vote. This level of complete agreement is nearly unheard of. What a joy these business meetings have been. He is so relieved.

So happy I can go to choir practise this afternoon. I have once again been graciously offered a ride. Looking forward to it! But, oh, those old wooden chairs....not quite as thrilled with those! So glad we stand so much of the time.

Will finish reading my Margaret Atwood novel this morning, ("Alias Grace"), then move on to another borrowed Anne Lamott book, ("Help, Thanks, Wow. The Three Essential Prayers").

So happy to see the sun once again. It is another chilly day, but that sun covers a multitude of weather  "sins".

Tomorrow I need to call the tire shop and see if I can still get an appointment this week to put the snow tires on before our trip to Calgary next weekend. Maybe I can get the car into our favourite place in Moose Jaw and see how my hip copes with that short drive, before the nine hour Alberta trip.

Time for a drink of water and a good read! Happy Sunday!

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