Saturday, October 31, 2015

Terminal Cuteness!!

Is it possible to die of laughter after being exposed to cuteness for an entire afternoon? If so, I am doomed!

I spent the afternoon mall hopping with a friend. The major indoor malls here sponsor Halloween for families and every store has an employee whose job it is to stand in the doorway of the venue and pass out candy to any kids who show up in costume. What a great and safe idea for Halloween goodies, plus mom and dad can have both the kids and thei considerable haul of treats back home before 5pm. The malls were subsequently packed to capacity, which made our shopping trip difficult to accomplish, but it was worth the trip to see all the kids in their costumes. Kudos to the many parents who also costumed up to make it a truly family affair!

We saw every costume there is to see. The kids were hilarious, particularly the teensiest ones who were stumbling through the crowds in oversized, drooping costumes and looking completely bewildered, they are my faves. We saw every member of the animal kingdom, super heroes, Star Wars and other space aged characters, princes and princesses dressed in jewel toned fave princess was an exhausted wee blonde girl, princess dress falling down over one shoulder, being dragged along by one arm by her father and sobbing, "I don't want any more candy...waaaah...!" haha

After the first hour, my friend and I took refuge in a store that had a big "Out of Candy!" sign in the window. The place was completely deserted and had a comfy chair for me to sit on for awhile before venturing back into the fray.

Now I am sitting back at home at nearly 6pm and not one child has arrived to carry away even one of the 130 treats I have waiting in a big bowl. Sigh.... Surely there will be kids....surely out of 321 separate townhouses filled with families there will be kids. Tell me there will be kids.....sigh....

Looking outside I have seen exactly 2 children visible. They arrived in a mini van driven by their mom, went next door to the home of someone they obviously know all ready, piled back into the van and drove away again. Sigh...

Perhaps my afternoon at the malls is all the Halloween fun I am going to have this year....just like last year and the 5 years before that, when we lived far from most young families in our town. Sigh....

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