Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Blasted C Word

I have just had a most depressing phone call.  Yet another friend in my age group has been diagnosed with the ugly, life defining, life threatening "cancer".  Sigh......

I feel sick....sorry, make that "ill".  BUT I would LIKE to be sick, right here in the nearest bucket.

My friend has a very upbeat attitude about her breast cancer, about the fact that it seems to be running in her family, in her generation of family.  She was not particularly surprised by her diagnosis as apparently she has been having symptoms for a little while that she knew had to be checked out.  She has all ready been to her nearest cancer clinic and is awaiting surgery in a very few weeks.  She appreciates the positive attitudes of the cancer medical team she will be working with and finds them most encouraging.  She has a deep faith in God.  She has a praying, supportive family.  There are many good things accompaning this devastating news, but still, it is always devastating when the C word invades a life.

I can tell I am still in recovery from my own far less devastating surgery last month because of the intense emotional reaction to my friend's bad news.  I need to be able to commit her situation to God and pray with sanity and reason, not with crying fits of upset that once again a close friend has been struck down by this horrific disease.

I am so very sorry my friend.  I am going to join with you in expecting the best and most positive outcome as you battle this disease with all the trust and faith you can muster.  I just need another day to be shocked and upset for you and then I will be able to truly believe for the best for you.

Praying folk out there, please petition for Lois.  She is one of the dearest people I have ever met and she will be courageous as always. However a little extra prayer support can only be beneficial.

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