Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today's Little Serendipities

This afternoon and evening went as well as this morning!  What a great time we had today.  Although we were late getting home after the tire change because of a delay with the delivery truck that had our new tires on it, we still got back in time to have a lovely meal and visit with our friend tonight.

What was very cool about the truck delay is that it gave us time to wander over to the Rexall Drugs in Moose Jaw...about the closest place/longest walk my hip was able to handle this afternoon and lo and behold, not only did they have some of the grocery items my husband needs to take to his staff breakfast tomorrow, they also are offering 'flu shots!  So, we got into a very short lineup and had our shots.  Not only does my husband not have to now go running off to the early opening grocery store in the morning to get staff breakfast items, he doesn't have to drag his tired self off to the local mall on Thursday evening for a 'flu shot...all ready done, thank you so much!

So delighted by how much we accomplished today and the ease with which everything took place....despite the pouring rain and near freezing cold and winds that could have made us feel miserable about all the driving and walking outdoors.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me. My husband has to return to work, but tomorrow it is parish work that he truly enjoys, so he is happy to go.  Friday he has a long trip out of town for meetings and Saturday he will probably go into the office while there is no one else there, so he can get caught up on a few things before we leave on Sunday.

Laundry and Halloween will complete MY week...it is all good thus far.

Oh...AND great news from my parents about the next possibility for their move to seniors' living. Praying so much that the person who has suddenly appeared with a deep interest in their condo will accept their counter offer so they can get moved. Their investment manager has given them the financial green light to make this move and now, if their possible sale can go through, they will be moving just before Christmas.  Hopefully by the end of the week or so all will have been approved for the sale....from our mouths to God's ear.....what a relief it would be for the whole family if they could get into this place that soon.

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