Tuesday, October 6, 2015

True Confessions

Today I need to make a few confessions about where I am really at these days: 

-- I am feeling ever so slightly bitter and twisted that the last of the warm, end of summer weather has gone by while I have been stuck inside and that the present morning temperature of -2C, with its accompanying dusting of frost on grounds and vehicles is depressing me somewhat.

-- I am not thrilled to be watching my husband teetering on the edge of another CFS episode due to the current long hours and huge deadline stresses at his work.  While I am very grateful he is still more or less on top of things, I confess I am living in a mild state of stress myself wondering if he is going to get through synod in 2 weeks time without falling completely apart for an entire week after it is finished.

-- I confess I did wear myself out completely yesterday moving furniture around in the living room so I could vacuum.  HOWEVER, I have no regrets because shortly after I was finished, I was handed a notice from the management company of our building to say that this very afternoon there will be maintenance folk descending upon our unit to check for past due maintenance issues, smoke detector and furnace checks and also checks to ensure we have no rodents or insect pests making themselves at home in our basement rafters, electrical outlets or carpets.  So, despite being exhausted and sore by last night, I am even happier that I accomplished what I did. Perhaps some of these dear ones will get some concept of what clean actually is...sorry, is that too catty?

-- I confess I sent my husband out to get us Indian take out food last night in the midst of the rush hour traffic after he left work.  There was no way I could cook dinner and when I heard the utter exhaustion in his voice when I called to ask him about getting take out, I knew I had been right to do all the house work myself.  The food was absolutely fabulous and we enjoyed it immensely, despite the hassle of him getting to the restaurant to pick it up.

-- I confess...and this is the BIGGIE of the day....that I am not going to attend the local philharmonic fall concert in November because they are singing Handel's Messiah.  I confess, despite risking being labelled a musical heritic or worse by other Christian friends, particularly old time missionaries, I find that other than the brief burst of light and life in the Hallelujah Chorus, the Messiah is one of the most monotonous, boring pieces of classical music I have ever had to listen to...dozens of times.... in 3 different countries over 5 decades....aaaargh!!!  Please....make it stop!!!! (Yes, I still believe Jesus is the divine yet human son of God and that the bible is the preserved word and stories of our God, I just can't put The Messiah on the same scale is all. So sorry, it is just how it is for me.)

Thus endeth my confessions for the day.

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chris e. said...

Ok, if we're doing true confessions...I hate KFC. My husband doesn't. So I would always give him 90% my share saying 'no sweetie, YOU enjoy it!' I guess my generosity was so out of character he figured out what was really going on.
True confession #2...I hate reggae music. I've been accused of being a racist probably as many times as you have been accused of being a heretic, not that I get the connection between a form of music and entire group of people. Go figure.
Anyone else fessing up???