Friday, October 9, 2015

Venturing Out Alone....At Last

I ALMOST got away this morning to grocery shop on my own....almost....

I assumed that since I was up so early to eat my breakfast while my husband was sleeping in on a day off, since I planned to leave for the grocery store as soon as it opened at 8am, that I could get away in the car for the first time in over a month and fend for myself, cane and all.  "

Not to be...sigh....  When I got downstairs to eat, my husband woke up and remembered he had not picked up milk after work yesterday that he promised he would buy, leaving me with no milk for breakfast today.  He wouldn't hear of just waiting for milk until I got back from grocery shopping, wouldn't believe me that my diabetes could be "milk free" for one breakfast, so off he went in search of the nearest convenience store that was open earlier than early.

By the time he made it safely through some unexpected road construction, found a store and then figured out an alternate route home, I had finshed my breakfast and was feeling a bit ripped off that it was now after 8am and I was behind schedule.  I assumed he would either go back to bed or decide to have a nice leisurely Morning Off Breakfast but I was wrong.

He insisted on accompanying me to the grocery store and we arrived at about 8:30am.  Even clinging to the cart in lieu of my cane, to keep my leg from being overworked, I picked up my entire grocery list minus the 5 items he found for me in the same amount of time. hahahaha  Watching him shopping is painful...I can't take that long to compare prices and look at every brand...every time we are in the same store. hahahaha

We were home again just before 9am.  I dumped him off unceremoniously at the back door, waited while he carried in the grocery bags and then I drove off across the city to the bank for some weekend spending money. ALONE AT LAST!  

It was such a good feeling to conquor the driving again, to have to make my leg comfortable careening around corners and barreling down the main streets in order to keep up with the rag tag end of the Friday morning rush hour traffic.  I become rather paranoid and agoraphobic after more than 4 weeks of being more or less housebound and having to be driven by someone else when I do go anywhere.  Slowly life is returning to normal and I like it!!

After a good long rest this afternoon I had my husband haul up my tubs of winter clothes from storage.  Although the weekend temperatures are late summer balmy, it won't last much longer than that and I have to face ironing all those things that have been in storage sooner or later, might as well get started.  Today I settled for unpacking the winter clothes and hanging them up, then packing up the summer clothes.  If I iron for an hour a day for the next 2 or 3 days everything I hung up will be crisp and fresh again.

Talked to the son tonight.  It is time to make plans for him to fly out for a visit sometime in November for an early Christmas.  He and his dad have started comparing work schedules for that month, so soon we can be booking flights and getting ready for our usual good time together. SO glad to have that to look forward to.

Another friend was diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes today.  Thankfully he has a very good attitude and in anticipation of what he might hear from the doctor today he has all ready started counting carbs and reading webites about nutrition and healthy diabetic eating. It is all about the attitude and the ability to accept the necessary changes in lifestyle and I think he is acing both of those things.  Hang in my friend, the first 3 months are the most difficult.

Tomorrow we are going to check out a new store in town and relax some more.  It is so unusual for my husband to be home for an entire day with no committments and looking at the same plan for the next day that it feels like we are on holidays!  YEAH!!

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