Monday, October 5, 2015

Watching the Colours Change

No, I am not talking about the remains of the tree leaves outside, the fortunate few still clinging to the branches in defiance of the heavy rain and winds that have stripped away all but the last few dozen rebels. I am talking about the change in colour of my kitchen linoleum after a vigorous washing I gave it this morning!

In the past four weeks it has been swept and "Swiffered" and lightly wiped down as my husband had time, but it has not been soaked down with cleanser and a proper mop...until today!

Still riding high from the wave of euphoria of my dusting and bathroom disinfecting success this past weekend, I decided to continue to ride the crest and attempt to vacuum the carpets and wash the floors. If I am going to regain full mobility in my hip it is time to start doing the types of usual daily activities that will work toward that end result.

So, this morning I hauled out the downstairs vacuum from its hiding place under the coat rack, bundled up all the equipment I have been using to navigate around the house, propped my cane within reaching distance and attacked the carpets. Success!!! Yes, it took me all morning but what else do I have to do all day, right?

Next came the washing of the linoleum floors. The bathroom took only a couple of minutes, since you cannot accuse it of being a large space. Seeing the fresh sparkle return in there encouraged my intention to wash the kitchen floor as well.  WOW!!! I watched that wretched, cigarette burned, beige paint splattered old wreck of a floor change in colour from pearly grey to glowing white as I scrubbed with the mop. That is the colour change I needed to see!

Now I am resting my hip for a few minutes while the floors dry, then I will haul out the upstairs vacuum and tackle the bits of carpet space in the three teensy rooms up there.

You know what the best part of all this housework actually is going to be?  It is going to be the look on my husband's face when he discovers he does not have to clean all the floors after work today. Tee hee! Surprise sweetie!! Here's the tv remote, a plate of hot dinner and a chilled glass of beer. Enjoy your evening!!!

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chris e. said...

What did you use on your floor? My kitchen floor could use a similar miracle. Thanks.