Friday, October 2, 2015

You've Got an INDOOR Shower?? LUXURY!!

Last evening my husband was finally able to find a proper grab bar for our bathtub that could screw into the oddly placed wall studs behind the bathtub.  So, this morning I had my first shower in 4 weeks.  OOOOH, it felt absolutely wonderful after a month of sponge baths.  My hair is all shiny, my skin finally feels truly clean, I was able to get into and out of the tub without falling down, (although I did kick over a crutch at one point and that brought my terrified husband running to see if I was okay...not such a great thing to do to your husband at 6:30am on his one day off for the week, the one he was expecting to be able to use to sleep in...sigh...).

Later in the morning we got banking and shopping done again.  I decided it would be faster to grocery shop if I could actually cover the store myself, pushing the grocery cart, since my husband takes forever and a day comparing prices and fiddling about trying to get deals I am not that fussy about.  All I want are my PC points so that I can cash them in at the last grocery buying spree before pay day each month.  (today was a successful point shop as I scored over 20,000 points with my wee load of goodies)

I took my crutches so that I could cover more distance doing errands without over working my hip, but in the grocery store I stacked them up in the cart and used that to lean on while I hobbled up and down the aisles.  It was effective.  In the time it took my husband to find 3 items I had the other 20 and we were through the check out and walking out of the store about 20 minutes later.  YEAH!!

I was a good girl though in that once we returned home and had lunch, I spent 2 hours just resting my hip, icing it and laying on the couch.  Unlike the last day out, that will be it for today, no extra going out for dinner tonight.

I celebrated my one month anniversary of the fall by eating a peanut butter/chocolate KIND bar with my lunch.  I still can't drink anything alcoholic for another couple of weeks, so a person has to find the next best thing.  haha

We received an email this morning from friends in south central Alberta. They are rejoicing that they got the last of their crop harvested at 1am, BECAUSE, SNOW is predicted there tomorrow!! SNOW!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  It is too early for that horrendous but beautiful white stuff to start falling from the skies.  If THEY are getting snow then it is likely the predicted rain here over the next two days will also contain at least a few flakes before it is finished coming down.  Ooh, I am so not ready this year, plus now I have the automatic fear of falling brought on by my recent broken leg.

My husband has more out of town meetings tomorrow. How I hope and pray rain is the worst weather condition he drives through!

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