Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So Much For That!

My deliverance from the Land of Denial is at hand!  

Our warm weather, so unseasonal, is about to return to seasonal temperatures, starting tomorrow.  Low temperatures will be in the minus mid teens and day time highs will not get above zero again for probably 4 or 5 months.  The drop in temperature will be accompanied by high winds and probably some blowing snow.  Brrrrr....well, here we go again for another winter.

Is it wrong to actually pray for deliverance from an initial wet snow that freezes and leaves us with an undercoating of ice for the whole winter?  Is that too incredibly selfish a prayer for someone recovering from a broken hip? The worst that could happen would be an answer of "NO!", right?

A friend just sent me the link below.  It is a link to a contemporary Christian song about being delivered from all fear...my main fear this winter is of falling down again.  I think I will be singing this little song quite often as I skate, slither and slide my way around the city this winter:



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