Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Beautiful Christmas Eve

The fluffy snowflakes have been falling intermittently all day. We definitely get to enjoy a white Christmas. Yay!

I attended the beautiful afternoon family service at Living Spirit Centre today. The worship space was packed out with folk from the three church congregations who share the space, lots of adorable little kids to chuckle at as they waved the light sticks they had been given, while we adults held out lighted candles as we sang Silent Night. We sang so many carols. I sat with my husband's cousin's husband and we had our own little duet going on because none of the people sitting around us knew the carols, even with the lyrics printed out in their bulletins. My husband and I have noticed over the last few years that few people outside the church folk know even the standard Christmas carols any more. It is kind of sad. So many of the good old traditions of the season have been lost. Even the radio stations play the more politically correct, secular songs like "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree". While in our society it is understandable, I miss the days when even the least religious of people still had no qualms about singing the carols during the season.

In a few minutes we will leave home again to enjoy our own congregation's Christmas Eve Eucharist service. I am so excited to attend. The evening service on Christmas Eve IS my Christmas celebration. Other than seeing whatever family is available, our son this year, church on the Eve is most spiritually meaningful event to me.

Time to go!

Rejoice, rejoice a Saviour is born.
To God be glory....

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