Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Most Enjoyable Movie

We ended our lovely day of successful clothes shopping with our son, lunch at Zam Zam Wraps and general visiting, with the rental of an excellent movie: Mr. Holmes, starring the fantastic Ian McKellan.  The movie had only a General rating and it was rather nice to just enjoy the story and the acting without having to wonder when the next shocking/disgusting/unecessary expletive was going to erupt from a character's mouth.  It was a bit of icing on the cake of watching Mr. McKellan playing his Sherlock Holmes character at various ages as the story rotated between his memories of a past case and his aging and health issues of the present.  We watched the character age before our eyes, and it wasn't just excellent attention to detail by the make up artists.  Mr. McKellan's movements, facial expressions and manner aged right along with his character.  It was brilliant as usual. Laura Linney is also an excellent actress and we enjoyed her character as well.  There are so many movie channels and rental services with our television package that it is sometimes hard to choose what to try for fun, but my husband chose a "gooder" tonight.

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