Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Shocking Rise!

The monthly power bills arrived in the mail today. I was not surprised or horrified by the 30% rise in the natural gas bill because every month is an actual reading of the gas meter, and with the onset of winter a person expects utility bills to rise with the ongoing use of the furnace. I was not however quite as mentally prepared for the increase in the electricity bill, even knowing this amount would be based on an estimate of how much electrical power used. My bill was 250% over last month's estimate. TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY PERCENT!!!???! Eeeeeeowwww goes my wallet! Apparently this city sends meter readers out for actual readings only four times a year. That means we have an actual to look forward to in January. I expect my bill to be somewhat more reasonable next month as a result. Anyway, I have adjusted to the shock and written out the appropriate cheques, haha What an upsy downsy day....upset over the condition of the world at large, a fabulous answer to prayer for my son and a shock over utility bills. haha Life is never boring even when it seems generally mundane these days.

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