Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ack!! What Was I Thinking????

Today was ridiculous in terms of my blood sugar...I deserve to be ill after what I did today!  Duh.....

We picked a bad place to go for lunch after church and that was the start of the stupidity.  It was a buffet restaurant that shall remain nameless because, although the food wasn't great and there was hardly anything there any diabetic could safely eat, the owners, cooks and waiting staff were so friendly and kind I don't want to say anything negative about the place.  We were literally the only people in the packed venue that are not regulars!  Everyone knew each other from the neighbourhood where the restaurant is located and the staff knew everyone's favourite dishes, the names of their kids and grandkids, where they worked or how long they had been retired. What a great atmosphere.  If the food was more suitable for me and a bit better quality we could find ourselves spending a lot of time there.  We felt very welcomed into the group.  However, I know I ate too many salty, fatty, carb-y things despite my best attempts to simply enjoy the green lettuce and the sliced cucumber.  Sigh....I couldn't convince my el cheapo self that the buffet price was low enough to cover one small bowl of greens with a teaspoon of dressing.

I wasn't even thinking about the fact that we were having our choir Christmas party after rehearsal this afternoon.  AND of course there were a couple of small snacky items there I just HAD to try, but the "worst-est", "stupidest", "thoughtless-est" thing I ingested was the cider our director had made for us....from a premix...FULL of sugar, in fact more than 90% of the mix was refined cane sugar.  It is the sort of drink that is advised for drinking during crises of low blood sugar, but even then only a quarter of a cup.  I was so excited to have apple cider that all remembrance of being diabetic fled from my mind until I had finished drinking an entire coffee mug of the stuff, smacked my lips and then, ONLY then had my memory return with the full horror of what I had done hitting me right upside the head!  In the midst of being so very careful not to eat more than a carb unit of snack food at the party, especially with a high carb count at lunch, I completely blew it with that drink.  DUH!

With some trepidation I tested my sugar two hours later...6.8.  Yikes...o yes, it could have been a lot worse, but 6.8 at 5pm on any day for any reason is far, far too high.  I have had to delay dinner now and test every 30 minutes until it comes back down to a reasonable number, ready to rise again with a proper meal.  Testing will also tell me if it is dropping too quickly because of the rate that refined sugar is processed by the body.  

Where has my head been today??  My brain must have atrophied while I was in that grocery store lineup the other day.  Being diabetic is no longer new, no longer news to me.  

Well, I got my own attention back that is for sure.  Time to refocus for the rest of the holiday season!!!  I can't do this again any time soon...any...time....ever...again!!

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