Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Early Start Today

I cannot believe I actually got to the grocery store just after opening this morning! Yay!

8:30am is a delightful time to grocery shop if a person is stuck doing that particular errand on a Saturday morning! There were so few other shoppers that only two cashiers were on duty and one of them was busy wiping down the other registers and conveyor belts. I purchased several hundred dollars worth of groceries and was home again in 45 minutes. Wow!

It is only 10am and I feel like the day is half over all ready. My husband also woke up early and has been tweaking his sermon for tomorrow...yes, yes, it is supposed to be a day off, but only from Archdeacon duties. Last Sunday after church, instead of writing tomorrow's sermon he was preparing final details for the midweek O Antiphons service.

Basically my husband is once again having to lose both his days off, or at least part of each one, for "special circumstances". So, what's new, right? Sigh.....the poor man....

Well, time for some work of my own and I am so happy to have many free hours stretching out ahead of me in which to do it!

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