Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And Just Like That Life Is Good Again!

Yup, my husband DID come home yesterday buoyed by the fun of moving furniture around the office with his colleagues, smiling, excited by the great one on one visit he had with the Bishop before the others arrived; a visit that answered some of his anxieties about how things are going to change in the new year. The upset stomach of the previous days was completely gone and he was eager to take me out for a lovely dinner....which he did!

We drove over to Unique Bistro for a scrumptious curried chicken dinner that included their always fabulous el dente green beans and carrots and pan seared baby potatoes. We knew we would have a bit of a wait since everything is prepared fresh, so we ordered a calamari appetizer to start. There is just a slight hint of warm herbs in the coating that turns a usually bland appetizer into a tasty treat.

My husband was SO happy with his dinner that we returned to Unique Bistro for lunch today! haha

The morning was spent grocery shopping and banking, so I was more than happy to relax over another yummy meal I did not have to cook or clean up afterward. My husband enjoyed the gnocchi with radicchio, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini in cream sauce, while I had a most wonderful breakfast feast: FIVE strips of well cooked bacon, two scrambled eggs, two slices of skinny whole wheat toast that only embodied one carb unit between them and hash browns made from freshly cut potatoes, skins still on. My husband shared my bacon, potatoes and toast so that I could order a dessert to share: chai brûlée with a side of whipped cream and raspberry/chocolate drizzle. O wow.....yummy!

My afternoon physio had the added attraction today of burning up some carbs, yo ho ho!

So it didn't take long to switch my bad mood of yesterday afternoon back to my usually somewhat sunnier disposition. It is all good in the end. It almost always is.

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