Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Chicken

Would you believe it has taken me all these decades to learn how to properly roast a chicken in the oven?? Finally I was told by a family friend what to do in order to cook it thoroughly without drying it out.

So simple: preheat the oven to 425F degrees, put the chicken into the oven in a covered roasting pan, leave the heat on for an hour and fifteen minutes, then turn the heat completely off, but leave the chicken covered in the oven for another hour. Easy peasy!

My husband put a second pan of teensy potatoes in as well, skins on and lightly brushed with olive oil. He put them into the oven 30 minutes after the chicken went in and took them out at the same time I removed the chicken roaster. We cooked some peas and Brussels sprouts, opened a bottle of Selbach and had a plain but delicious Christmas dinner.

Today the exhaustion and stress of the past 4 months came down on my husband like a sledge hammer. His face is dead white, his brain is fuzzy, his entire body aches and his tummy is severely upset. It is the usual experience after a long time of being too busy. It will be at least three days before he is really up to going anywhere, but should recover his energy before returning to work the first week of January.

As for me, after a brutal week of new physiotherapy exercises and some accompanying tears of pain and discouragement, I am seeing progress all ready! My weak thigh muscles have latched onto the exercises like a drowning person to a life raft. There are many months ahead of hard work, possibly a trip or two to my friend's physiotherapy clinic five hours away, bit it will be worth it. Despite having a truly lousy Christmas in some ways, (as in no family visits added into exhaustion and discouragement ), there is joy that my recovery is going better.

Our son had three or four Christmas parties and dinners this past week, as well as a previous celebration of Hannukah. In fact he went out for Chinese food at lunchtime yesterday with his Jewish friends before his Christmas Day dinner out! My parents also had several celebrations. My husband's sister and her husband spent Christmas Day with his son before enjoying dinner out. It is easier sitting here inactive just knowing the rest of the family had good times to enjoy.

It is -20C this afternoon, finally getting seasonal weather for the weekend before it warms up a bit again. We had planned to go out until my husband realized he feels lousy, but I am just as happy to remain at home with him. Yeah....I could go out and do the few "chores" in need of doing, but now that I have been so spoiled by our El NiƱo winter, I am happy to leave them until after the weekend.

Happy Boxing Day everybody!

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