Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Does the Outdoor Work NEVER Cease Around Here?

Since it is technically autumn/heading into winter, there would normally be no road or grounds construction going on here.  After spending the summer listening for over four months, every day but a handful of Sundays to the road crews repairing and repaving the major thoroughfare outside our front door, I was certainly looking forward to the relative quiet of this season.  

Not to be!  haha  The management here at our complex is able to take advantage of the ongoing lack of snow and ice, plus the slightly above zero temperatures each afternoon, to remove dying trees and cover the front lawn area with a thick layer of black soil...along with the bobcats, trucks, wood chippers and other paraphanalia in readiness for spring grass seed planting.  The noise is absolutely horrendous. It seems to be taking a fair number of days to pile up and flatten the dirt in the wide but otherwise relatively small area between my living room window and the public sidewalk.  Boom, boom, crash, boom, grrrrrowwwwl, boom, griiiiind, boom, boom!!  It starts at 8am and ends close to 4pm...every day.  The bobcat operator seems to spend many hours each day sitting in his machine using his cell phone while he waits for trucks and dirt and more trucks and more dirt and shovels and more men and more dirt. the machine belching and bleeping the entire time.  The buildings may be rotting and falling into complete disrepair, but the grounds are going to be ab fab next summer!!  

To be honest management company I think you could lure more tenants in, or at least as many tenants, by getting a reputation for excellent INTERIORS as you do by having excellent EXTERIORS in this complex.  Really I do....  The actual living space truly does count for something with tenants.  Really it does....

On the plus side, the constant activity and noise, along with the destruction of the weeds the geese have been eating until the arrival of the grounds crew, have sent the poopy birds to the buildings on the other side of the complex for a winter food source.  I am almost tempted to lobby for the perfectly beautiful back lawns to also be resoiled and ready for reseeding as the amount of goose poop out there is positively dangerous.  My husband and I have put a special industrial carpet/mat outside our back door for wiping off the bottoms of our shoes and my cane before we come into the house.  No matter how careful a person is, it is next to impossible to avoid poopy shoes between the car lot and the back door.  Yeeeeuck!!!  

This is a most fascinating place to live...for any number of reasons!

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